Environmental Management

        Environmental Management

In order to protect the environment, the MMG Co. provides superior and applied systems of management and environmental engineering in order to fulfill the needs of the applicants in this field. The environmental division uses the help of a team consists of the internal and external specialized consultants. It also cooperates with prestigious academics. So, It can design and implement a wide range of services including measurement, evaluation and implementation of environmental management systems based on the needs of small and big industries. Among the services of the company in the field of environment, we can mention the following:

  • Developing a variety of recycling management programs
  • Development and establishment of a variety of energy management systems
  • Measuring, monitoring and assessing regional pollutions
  • Development of toxic and hazardous waste management programs
  • Development of policies and establishment of specific environmental management programs
  • Consultation on the establishment of waste and wastewater management operational programs
  • Evaluation, baseline supervision and implementation of the environmental management strategies
  • Development of special waste management programs in construction and operation phases

The special services in the field of management and environmental risk assessment

Advanced modeling of the environmental pollutants emission

  • Implementation of Life Cycle Assessment
  • Environmental risk assessment by the TOPSIS, E-FMEA, and AHP methods
  • Specialized consultation on the establishment of the greenhouse gas emission management system and sustainable development (SD)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment with the novel methods
  • Consultation and implementation of the program for volatile organic compounds (VOC) detection and fix leaks from the Process Equipment (LDAR Program)
  • Holding the training course of the International Certificate in Environmental Management (IEMA)