Hse design documentation

Provision of all HSE design documentation in EPC projects

  • Designing firefighting water network and performing related hydraulic calculations, by Pipe-Net software
  • Selection and designing of firefighting water pumping stations and performing calculations of the maximum required water for firefighting
  • Provision the layout maps for safety and firefighting equipment
  • Designing fire extinguishing systems by water and foam and providing P&ID maps for various process equipment and reservoirs
  • Designing Total Flooding Systems and providing P&ID maps
  • Investigation the layout map of process units from the point of view of safety and observance of safety distances according to standard
  • The selection and placement of Fire & Gas Detection Systems for process units and industrial buildings
  • Providing Fire & Gas Cause & Effect and defining how different safety systems interact in an industrial unit based on common standards in various industries.
  • Providing all designing philosophies in the HSE sector
  • Performing Fire Proofing studies and prepare relevant maps
  • Carrying out Hazardous Area Classification studies and providing relevant maps
  • Providing the Escape Route maps based on safety requirements
  • Investigation of related engineering documents in other sections from the point of view of safety
  • Provision of Waste Management Plan
  • Provision of HSE Philosophy and HSE Plan for various project phases (design, construction and operation).