HSE Systems Audit


Management systems control and monitoring lead to the development of accountable organizations in assessing the system requirements which can be achieved by conducting specialized, professional, constructive and effective audits in the organization. Among the available resources for evaluating and reviewing management systems, we can refer to the national and international standards requirements and valid performance indicators, which will ensure the proper management, updating and continuous promotion of the system. Applicants will benefit from the benefits and advantages of properly establishment of management systems through the implementation of minimum standards requirements.

In this regard, the audit division of MMG, using domestic and foreign experts, operates professionally in this area. it does the job through monitoring and evaluating the standard requirements fulfillment in management systems of the organization such as IMS, HSE Ms., EFQM, PSM, BBS, and a variety of ISO management standards. The MMG utilizes the most reputable and knowledgeable evaluators and auditors and uses comprehensive software to execute professional audit processes.

Some of the company’s various auditing models are as follows:

  • Auditing HSE Ms., IMS, EFQM systems and other management standards
  • Performing a process safety management (PSM) system audit
  • Performing an audit in Culture Promotion and Safe Behavior-Based Systems (BBS)
  • Performing a Fire Prevention Audit
  • Performing a variety of projects in investigation and monitoring safety and health performance in the organization
  • Auditing services and insurance evaluation in factories and industries

The MMG, using the latest and the most reliable risk assessment methods and using auditors and evaluators which are approved by domestic and foreign insurance companies, provides insurance-specific risk assessment services that have a direct and significant impact on the determination of industry insurance rates