Hse design documentation

Based on the technical knowledge and valuable experiences of experienced specialists, the MMG Co. is able to provide the services required by the employers in the framework of MC/PMC projects. The company also is able to supervise the production of design and engineering documentation for purchasing in the HSE sector based on the national and international standards and with considering the contractual terms and interests of the employer. The engineering consultation team has experienced provision of the above-mentioned services in projects related to the oil and gas industry (land and sea) as well as petrochemical units inside and outside the country. The team knows the common procedures in each of these industries well.


  • Provision of all HSE design documentation in EPC projects
  • Designing firefighting water network and performing related hydraulic calculations, by Pipe-Net software
  • Selection and designing of firefighting water pumping stations and performing calculations of the maximum required water for firefighting
  • Provision the layout maps for safety and firefighting equipment
  • Designing fire extinguishing systems by water and foam and providing P&ID maps for various process equipment and reservoirs
  • Designing Total Flooding Systems and providing P&ID maps
  • Investigation the layout map of process units from the point of view of safety and observance of safety distances according to standard
  • The selection and placement of Fire & Gas Detection Systems for process units and industrial buildings
  • Providing Fire & Gas Cause & Effect and defining how different safety systems interact in an industrial unit based on common standards in various industries.
  • Providing all designing philosophies in the HSE sector
  • Performing Fire Proofing studies and prepare relevant maps
  • Carrying out Hazardous Area Classification studies and providing relevant maps
  • Providing the Escape Route maps based on safety requirements
  • Investigation of related engineering documents in other sections from the point of view of safety
  • Provision of Waste Management Plan
  • Provision of HSE Philosophy and HSE Plan for various project phases (design, construction and operation).