HSE Management Systems

HSE Management Systems

Today, many organizations have recognized the need for the establishment and implementation of the Health, Safety, and Environment Risk Management System (HSE-MS) to achieve the effective and efficient management in the field of industrial activities and contractors. Therefore, they have taken appropriate actions for the establishment or modification of the HSE management system in their supervised institutes. The job needs to use the knowledge and expertise of HSE specialists and consultants in order to achieve continuous improvement in the systematic management of hazards and risks.

The HSE Management Systems Division has created a management structure for effective implementation of the control measures following the hazard identification and risk assessment processes in the organizations. The division provides the following specialized services at the highest levels and the best qualities to achieve continuous production in safe working environments:

  • Shortcomings evaluation in HSE management system
  • HSE culture and climate evaluation in organizations
  • Consultation on the implementation of the waste management system
  • Development and establishment of the HSE Training Management System
  • Designing and establishment of the Work Permit System (PTW)
  • Review and development the Green Purchasing Instructions set
  • Development of an HSE strategic plan with a SWOT approach
  • Implementation of the Integrated Management System (IMS) standards
  • Designing a system for record keeping, reporting and analyzing the root causes of accidents
  • Establishment of the HSE management system for contractors based on the OGP model
  • Designing and Establishment of the HSE performance evaluation system and compiling its performance indicators
  • Establishment of the Achieving Behavioral Change Project
  • Consultation on the establishment of the Behavioral-Based Safety system
  • Designing, development, and establishment of the types of safety, health, and environmental management systems
  • Designing, development, and establishment of the standards and instructions for firefighting, first aid and rescue operations
  • Designing, development, and establishment of preparedness plans against accidents, emergencies, and crisis management
  • Designing, development and establishment of specialized plans for prevention of fire and explosion
  • Designing and development of specific guidelines in the field of safety, health, and environment
  • Designing, development, and establishment of control systems and confronting with hazardous materials accidents

Legal Register Update and Compliance Evaluation