Asset Integrity

  Asset Integrity Management

The optimal use and realizing the value of assets to achieve the organization’s goals are the result of effective establishment of physical asset management system. This is in while that the aspects-related to financial, environmental and social costs, risks, servicing quality and asset-related performance have been balanced in the organization.

The scope of company activities according to physical asset management models:

  • Assessing the status of physical asset management in companies based on the SAMI or Uptime model
  • Developing a strategy for managing physical assets for companies
  • Developing a world-class maintenance and repair strategy for companies
  • Providing various maintenance strategies based on Optimized PM’s and General Recommendations
  • Establishing the Work Process Management system
  • Establishing CMMS systems based on ERP
  • Establishing the Asset Criticality Assessment process
  • Establishing the PM Optimization process (Streamlined RCM)
  • Establishing RCA system
  • Establishing the comprehensive process for management of overhaul (Turnaround Management)
  • Transparency of organizational processes based on RACI
  • Implementation of the Critical Spare Part Identification process