Process Safety

Let the leader in Process Safety  assess your PSM/RMP programs Management (PSM) consulting

The MMG Company leads customers and target groups to implement and improve their safety management systems and processes, as well as, to increase in productivity in their organizations. It does the job by using the novel and better models to deliver the services and activities, which in turns causes a reduction in accidents, losses, wastes, and injuries

Process Safety

Unexpected releases of toxic, reactive, or flammable liquids and gases during processes involving hazardous chemicals have been reported for many years, and in various industries. There is a potential for an accidental release any time hazardous chemicals are not properly controlled, creating the possibility of disaster.

As an operator using these materials, it is your obligation to identify the risks associated with the use of these substances to not only comply with local legal requirements not also prevent any major accident event in your workplace. Thereby, you need to implement safety measures to reduce and manage the risks based on the prevailing regulations.

In order to make an effective assessment of the risks, both from operational and financial perspectives, years of experience is needed. Our training and consulting services can help you to identify and manage risks associated with highly hazardous materials. We can assist you at all stages of your engineering and management control process. Starting from concept design to process development and facility safe operation, or from initial hazard evaluation (HAZID) to continued safe operability of your facility (HAZOP, QRA, SIL and etc.).

Safety Case

Safety Case is a compulsory document for offshore installation in many countries. In Vietnam, Safety Case is a common practice by leading oil and gas companies.

Safety Case demonstrate that:

  • All hazards with potential risk to cause a major accident has been identified, their risk evalauted and measures have been or will be taken to control the risk to statutory and ALARP principle.
  • The management system is adequate to ensure copliance with statutory, the company policy and maintain the safety measures.

Service providing

  • Demonstrate that safety management system of the company fully complies with all legal requirements.
  • Demonstrate that the risks posed by facilities may lead to fatality incident are managed and reduced.
  • Demonstrate that Temporary Refuge is equipped and ensure the safety for personnel.
  • Demonstrate that installation has been equipped the Escape, Evacuation and Rescue system for personnel.
  • Safety management dossiers
  • Prepare the Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
  • Prepare the Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

The Mobtakeran Maharat Gostar Company

is the only Iranian in abroad company, which by having the international branches provides the specialized services in the world class. The company has finished some successful projects in safety engineering, identifying and assessing risks with new techniques and Process safety management systems, in the famous international companies

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