PSware  Software

The MMG Company is proud to introduce itself as the owner of a comprehensive and specialized software for the process safety management system with the “PSware” commercial name.

Some of the PSware software capabilities are as the follows:                              

  • A comprehensive module for auditing, scoring and analyzing various types of process safety management system
  • A comprehensive module for process safety information with the ability to classify, store and control the access to information
  • A comprehensive module for hazard identification and risk analysis with the ability to implement various types of PHA techniques.
  • A comprehensive SOP module with the ability to development, storage and control the access to the various types of standard operating instructions
  • A comprehensive training module with the ability to fully manage the organization’s training system and record keeping of the training documents
  • A comprehensive module for contractor’s safety management system with the ability to audit and score.
  • A comprehensive module for record keeping, researching, as well as, investigating and extracting the root causes of accidents.
  • A comprehensive module for Asset Integrity Management
  • A comprehensive module for Emergency Management and Crisis Management