Hygiene And Health 


The hygiene and health division purpose is to protect human resources and maintain their health as the most valuable assets of organizations. Therefore, the division provides specialized consultation on how should establish and implement the national and international standards, and how should create a healthy workplace. The division also provides effective and practical solutions in order to promote the employee’s hygiene and health. In addition, the division provides the following specialized services to customers and applicants in all industrial and non-industrial organizations:

    Identification of health and occupational risks

A common method of identifying and assessing occupational health risks is to break down the job into specific tasks and responsibilities then, evaluate health risks associated with each task.

The MMG does this important case in the following ways:

  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Ergonomic Risk Assessment
  • Human Error Study

    Health Risk Assessment

The MMG carries out this task by using a variety of risk assessment techniques and utilizing the following facilities:

 Measurement and analyzing hazardous physical agents

 Measurement and analyzing hazardous mechanical agents

 Measurement and analyzing hazardous chemical agents

 Measurement and analyzing hazardous biological agents

 Measurement and analyzing hazardous ergonomic agents

Providing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Consultation on the establishment and implementation of the REACH system