Supplying HSE Human Resources


Today, the importance of having HSE systems and their positive effects in organizations are proven and not hidden from anyone. Organizations can establish the HSE department and then, to maintain their capital, equipment, production, corporate credibility, and human resources health and safety which is the most important element of the organization, employ the qualified and experienced human resources. It will be an effective and practical action.

Many organizations have difficulty in the selection of the fittest HSE workforce. That is because companies usually don’t have specialized information in the HSE and they cannot have a good interview to hire applicants. Therefore, they have a low chance of attracting the HSE workforce with the ability to meet the employer’s expectations. But the MMG through its expertise and brilliant resume and having one of the largest databases of HSE experts inside and outside the country (with over 3000 members) is capable to Identify and introduce the HSE experts and workforce based on the needs of the organization.

In this regard, according to the organization’s expectations and their own studies, the MMG will announce their proposals, based on the number and the amount of required workforce expertise to applicants. Then in the event of a mutual understanding, the resumes will be submitted to the organization in accordance with the conditions for approval by the organization. If confirmed, the employer will employ them in the company or project concerned. If the employers are dissatisfied of the selected individuals for some reasons, this company is obliged to take action to replace them as soon as possible.

Some of our advantages:

  • Ability to contract with individuals and organizations
  • Ability to hire people as full-time and part-time

Possibility to send HSE specialists to all parts of the country

  • Monitoring the performance of the intra organizational HSE specialists and give feedback
  • Provision the reports in HSE section as daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Providing expert consultation to the organization as free of charge

One of the main benefits of the MMG is that MMG offers a wide range of HSE services and, in addition to solving problems and facilitating HSE processes, can play a significant role in advancing the goals of organizations and industries.

The MMG is proud that has been able to win respectable employer’s satisfaction. It has been done by providing brilliant records on the establishment of HSE in organizations and utilization the highly skilled and knowledge HSE specialists.